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Screen printed front and back.

  • 12.0 oz., 100% heavy cotton canvas
  • Large main compartment


“Let Black Boys Be” is one of our most popular collections that aims to

Provide an accepting environment for Black men to be loved, seen, and supported for the boundless beings they are when given the space.


However, the world largely continues to project limiting ideas and images of 

Black manhood that are damaging to how black men see themselves and are 

Perceived. This contributes to the erasure of black men and their struggle 

By society. In turn, many black men are ignored -- left to only fade away.


As a follow up to the “fade to black” edition of our jacket which highlighted this erasure, we designed the “Bloom” collection that carries a more vibrant motif that perfectly illustrates the joy black boys possess when they are able to freely grow and eventually bloom. 


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Let Black Boys Be (Jumbo Tote) - Navy

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