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Inspired by the thriving Black community in Greenwood, Tulsa, this historic freedom colony was often referred to as Black Wall Street. It was one of the most affluent Black populations in America until the Tulsa Race Riot in 1921. This riot saw white residents lead a massacre that killed more than 300, hundreds injured, and the entire community left in ashes. Community leaders were able to rebuild most of the district despite white opposition. The community thrived once more before desegregation led Blacks to move and shop elsewhere in the city.


This shirt commemorates the resilience, strength and stories of the folks who helped this community thrive. The address on the shirt is the Greenwood Cultural Center that offers exhibits on local African American heritage & educational programs. Many details on Black Wall Street can be found here.


This is only an abridged version of the story and I encourage you all to do more research on this topic. Even if you cannot buy a shirt, this story can still be told.


Shirts printed on 100% cotton and are 100% awesome.

Black Wall Street (Tee)

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