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Panther Power



Originally released in 2016, this is considered to be the first official release for the brand. It is one of my favorites because of its origin story. Shortly before starting the brand, I was doing a lot of reading around the Black Panther Party and I had the idea to design a shirt to share what I was learning. I thought it could exist at the intersection between of impact and taste. With only Microsoft Word and Paint at my disposal, I designed this tee heavily relying on "print screen." The end result was a shirt I thought captured the essence of the Black Panther Party, from the tee color to the retro font.

Throughout the years, it was a shirt I often returned to and made different variations of. More recently, it was re-released to celebrate the release of "Judas and the Black Messiah." We designed a special care package and developed a themed shoot taken at the DuSable Museum, here in Chicago. 

BPPTote_Back copy.jpg
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