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Logo Tee

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Before we were known as just "prgrssn," we once went by Progression With The Krown (PWTK). This name is actually inspired by my time living in Nigeria. During my junior year of high school, I moved to Nigeria with my younger brother. As the son of Yoruba parents, I was given the name Oluwaseyi Adeleke. For many years before I moved to Nigeria, I would scour the Internet looking for the true meaning behind my name. Once I started Yoruba class while in Nigeria, I decided to ask a source greater than Google, my teacher.

I was told my first name, Oluwaseyi means, "God's gift" or "God made this." When I inquired about my last name, I was told that that the prefix "Ade" has to do with royalty. So Adeleke roughly translates to "Progression with the crown" in English. Considering the inspiration and goals of the brand, the name is beyond fitting. It was written well before I was even me. This was ordained well before I was born.

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