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Fred Hampton



I have had the honor to explore Hampton's life multiple times throughout the lifespan of prgrssn. Below are some projects I have completed around his life and legacy.

After spending time learning about the Black Panther Party during the first collection, I dove a lot deeper into the specific leaders within the organization. It was the story of Chairman Fred Allen Hampton that caught my attention almost immediately. In his short life, he was able to start the Rainbow Coalition which unified  some of Chicago's most powerful street gangs in a nonaggression pact. Hampton  emphasized that racial and ethnic conflict among gangs would only keep its  members entrenched in poverty. This coalition brought together a multiracial  alliance among the BPP, the neo-confederate Young Patriots Organization, and  the Young Lords under the leadership of Jose Cha Cha Jimenez.

​I think what moved me most about his story was how effective of a leader he was at such a young age. He was able to organize in a way people twice his age could never do. He was my hero and I wanted to share his story with the world. 

I am a Revolutionary dir. Wood Boys


Fred Hampton Version 2  - Released January 2021

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